Through the National Marrow Organization… On behalf of Sophia’s Angels, they will Provide information on active Bone Marrow drives. A family waiting for a Marrow Match, can ask everyone they know to test. They can attach a picture of their loved one to Sophia’s flier of information… visit them

Your family or friends can also call (1-800-Marrow-2 )… Mention “Sophia’s Angels” and a representative will lead them to a list of available drives close to home, wherever they live. When they visit the other “Drive of Life” they are blessing another family with hope too.

Testing is free and the information goes into a database… cross checking your loved one for a match all over the world!

In our case, we had people who wanted to come to Sophia’s Marrow Drive, but their schedules didn’t permit it. However, they could still be sent to another “Drive of Life” in honor of your child.

Possibilities do not have to end. So far Sophia has made two “One in a Million” Marrow Matches! I believe she is a busy Angel…

Sophia’s Angels can fly all over the world!

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Be The Match – National Marrow Foundation

Contact the National Marrow Organization right Now! IMAGINE & BELIEVE that everyone that your speak to in a lovely conversation about us feels inspired to help heal the world. We can create a chain of compassion and understanding for this need for “marrow.” It was Sophia’s only possible cure… Something we hoped for while waiting and praying for “Remission” because that is when it is received. She was in remission… but we did not find a clear match.

You can make a difference. You can be the one who saves a life!


To honor and Bless someone like Sophia, become a marrow/stem cell donor.

First you have to be tested and if you are blessed to have a one and a million match, then you could be the one who saves a life. It is just a cotton-tipped swabs test.

While in remission, Sophia waited for that perfect match that did not come in time. Minority blood was needed. She was truly American with Mexican, French, Indian, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and English Blood. She was the spirit of life.

We need Everyone!


Also, if you donate blood, understand that giving blood is the same as if “YOU RAN INTO A BURNING CAR TO SAVE A LIFE”

It is that intense!

As Sophia put her little hand on the blood, she prayed as she believed…

“God, Jesus, and Angels, thank you for this blood that I am receiving right now… Allow it to enter my body with love and respect for who I am. Bless the person who donated this blood today because the are a HERO! Bless then with love, health and wealth so that they can continue to give…. Amen.”

She was So Beautiful…