Sophia's Angels Healing Oils

Sophia’s Angels Oils for healing…

Different oils were developed for Sophia to heal the ailment of the moment promoting calm.

It is all about Love…

Provisions of Lavender oils to calm your child and parent is our gift.


I recalled working in the medical industry, listening to various doctors, my mentors, as they shared their knowledge with me.

I realized that my whole life experience had led me to this moment. I could make a difference. I’m Sophie’s Momma. I love her and, I believe in her healing.

Inspired, I learned to ask a lot of questions. I knew that as a parent I had a say in the course of her treatment. Getting involved was important. I know Sophia best. If the doctors had questions, I could answer as her ‘watcher’, saying what she could not. I became empowered. We had hope. Our family
pulled together. We brought in her music and surrounded her with pictures of home, family and her animals. We brought in her own pillow and favorite blankets. We kept her spirit alive, keeping her calm, focused and in the moment. We brought joy back into our life.

I studied. I found information on essential oils, massage, reflexology, and accupressure. I sought ways to gently heal Sophia. I looked for every possible loving way to encourage Sophia to believe in her own ability to heal herself. Intuitively, I began to use my knowledge of past and present to change our view of this situation, here and now.

I massaged her with Lavender Oil. It calmed her; me too. The essential oils awoke her spirit. The body is amazing.

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