Sophia's Angels Healing Oils

Sophia’s Angels Oils for healing…

Different oils were developed for Sophia to heal the ailment of the moment promoting calm.

It is all about Love…

Provisions of Lavender oils to calm your child and parent is our gift.

How they Helped Us…

It depends on the situation. I can blend oils with the intension of healing you and your Child’s spirit.

Lavender helped Sophia with chemotherapy, anxiety of shots, receiving blood and with everything that scared her. I put the oil around her and she would breathe it in until she felt calm. It helped!

I also massaged her with lavender massage oil and while doing so, the monitors showed a slower heart rate.

It was amazing that with Momma’s touch and the aroma of the oils, I felt calm too.

I felt empowered to heal Sophia.

What a gift of pure amazing clear love!

There are many different oils to work with… Sophia loved them all. For example: Rose made her smile… Pine helped her breathe… Lavender calmed her spirit and Jasmine reminded her of home.

Oils have been around for thousands of years and are natural healers from our earth. Sophia smiled with the beautiful aroma that surrounded her instead of the stale hospital smell.

It is important to notify your doctor that you are using them… Our Doctor’s and Nurses loved the aroma when they entered our room too.

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