Donations of Gift Cards for… Groceries, kid snacks and juices or fast food gift cards from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or any fast food a child craves is a huge gift.
(Kids love outside food and the family is so broke that they cannot afford this simple pleasure)

After a time, the hospital food is tasteless and the child may stop eating. They will, however, eat their favorite food, drink their favorite drink, etc. Most children will let the parent leave the room for this amazing trip with a smile when the reward is something they crave. While the parent is out… this is a time when they can take a moment to breathe, scream and regroup. It is so necessary! It is what helped us. Sophia always looked forward to this and ate like it was the best she ever had.

We have to keep our children eating…

Sophia had a very hard time eating with her nausea, but she always felt that something would remain in her belly and keep her strong. She loved beans, and even if she was ill, she ate them. She loved her outside drinks, snacks and food.

It was amazing to watch her eat the things that she loved when we could give it.

Gift Cards are Cool!

Donate your Gift Cards

You can give in increments of $10.00 or more. The cards will be distributed on an as needed basis as we receive them.

When you are at the “Fast Food Place” and you have an extra $10.00 or … You can, when you can, buy a gift card.

When you are at the Grocery Store and you have moment of compassion… You can buy a food gift card.

Give as you can…

Mail them to us and we will lovingly distribute them.

Mail to: 13661 Hubbard, Sylmar CA 91342

It is amazing to think that something so simple is So Very Big!


Imagine you reading this and you are compelled to give… You live in another State, but that does not stop you… You contact your local hospital and donate gift cards to the children and families living there on behalf of “Sophia’s Angels” and you notify us so we can tell the World! You can do it!

Sophia’s Angels can fly all over the World. This is a movement of compassion and love.

Receive a Gift Card

Contact us if you are living in the hospital with your child. We will give as we receive. It is with love that we share.

Keep your child eating!!!!!

A little given is Huge!