Making progress in the 12 year journey to fix a medical coverage gap that still exists for a child fighting for their life, we didn’t give up.  “We are doing this Mija” is all I can think as we traveled in the car from the California state’s capital office of our Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra to the office DHCS in Sacramento across the beautiful park that tributes hero’s.

Right now a family with private employee provided insurance, with an already known denial of coverage from Medi-cal and California Children’s Services, because their income surpasses the qualifying threshold, may find themselves in the same situation as our Sophia… Uninsured when needed the most, for life.

After meeting in Sacramento at the capital, with heads of departments for DHCS, discussions paved the way to provide Medical Coverage for a child in crisis for their life in the hospital setting, who may find themselves, through no fault of their own, uninsured when they need it the most – when, after their parent loses their employee provided insurance.

We introduced Sophia F. Hartman’s “CODE LIFE” to DHCS – California Children’s Services / Medi-cal – to the approval and denials codes system.

CODE LIFE:  Child is to remain insured until insurance is found.

Along side  Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra, Dist. 39 and Chief of Staff, Luis Sanchez –   we spoke for all children in the state who may find themselves in this situation.   After all scenarios were discussed, even with the revised improved coverage,  Medi-cal and presumptive medical care still has a gap where a child may fall through the cracks and remain uninsured for two days up to a week.   This is where “CODE LIFE” is introduced.

Children’s Services C.C.S. is the only hope a parent can turn to.  I still believe the state has the obligation to insure a child during a life crisis when, through no fault of their own, they have no medical coverage.  The removal of the financial threshold is entirely key.   I spoke passionately “We are talking about children who are dying and while a child is fighting for life, the focus should be on the medical care and spiritual, emotional care from the family.  The parent should remain by the child’s side, until there is life or death.  A parent should not worry about proving their income.   As experienced, a parent should be by their child’s side.   I left Sophia’s side to seek medical coverage.  This will always haunt me.  I promised Sophia, “No other momma will leave their child alone.  I promised myself.   Sophia was brave.”

The system right now is not set up to protect a child in this experience and needs updating.”   There is no system set on line to appeal the CCS denial “CODE FIN2.2” even if the parent can prove the required medical expenses will exceed 20 percent of the adjusted gross income.  Imagine… panic.  That is too much for the parent to think of, as their child is dying, or as I see it, living to live.

I am so proud of all of us.  Together we can make this change.  It is the right thing to do by our great state.  It is the right thing to do for the just in case.   We are waiting for the next meeting.

Next our focus is on the Marrow Awareness Month of November.    My heart speaks love.  To any parent with an ill child I send a big hug.   Knowledge is powerful – because it is what we do with what we know… LOVE IS THE POWER OF THIS WORLD.

“Mija, we are doing this”