Sophia's Angels Manuscript & Healing Work Book

A Spiritual Journey with Leukemia.  A Story told with stories to inspire HOPE.

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” are heartfelt works by Vivian Hartman whose precious daughter Sophia valiantly battled her leukemia. Her words are inspirational and comforting. They reflect the empathy and experience of a mother whose child was afflicted with a devastating illness. She provides sage advice for patients and their families emphasizing the importance of human bonds and open communication. Her knowledge and expertise are shared in manner that comforts and helps individuals navigate the journey through therapy. A truly valuable addition to the literature from a compassionate patient advocate.”

Steven T. Rosen, M.D., City of Hope

  • Irell & Manella Cancer Center Director’s Distinguished Chair
  • Director, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope
  • Provost and Chief Scientific Officer
  • Director and Professor, Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Professor, Department of Hematology & Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

A Synopsis of Sophia’s Angels & A Lay Mom’s Guide to Healing Workbook

Sophia is a busy Angel! You have got to live until you don’t.

Sophia’s Angels is a book of love through Sophia’s experience with leukemia. Her journey was heartfelt. She wanted the world to know that even with all of this pain, there is love and hope. Her story is to inspire compassion and respect. As you read, you will feel strength and trust. If you too are in the world of illness, her story will remind you of your sanity. You are not alone and hopefully our experience will help you with the tough decisions that are made by you… the parent, when you are lost and overwhelmed

Almost everything that they warned you of living with leukemia occurred with my Mija. I had to write because I knew that Sophia’s story was more. I wrote when I felt inspired to write with Sophia by my side loving me as I put her life in front of you with the intention of healing your spirit.

When she was first diagnosed, we watched as everything foreign occurred. We felt helpless. As time progressed worse, I knew there was more we could do. I could not just sit and watch and wait anymore. Overwhelmed with grief and anger with God, Sophia sang a song that she said she sang with the Angels…. and it was beautiful. We have to believe…. and that is when I asked for guidance and help.

With an open mind full of hope I began to learn the technique of massage, reflexology and touch. I became aware of the use of essential oils. With the touch and the aroma of healing oils, Sophia was healed everyday for the ailment of the day.

We were in the hospital for most of her experience and my stories of keeping her busy and alive is what I hope will inspire you to live big with life and stand strong with your decisions. Hospital living is tough. There are no right or wrong decisions, you are human, and the choices you make are right for the moment.

Sophie went to heaven exactly one year and one week after her diagnosis

If you are a physician, nurse or caretaker thinking about a career in Child Oncology or Child anything, then read this story first. Every family is different and every illness is it’s own, but the common link is the ongoing respect that you will have to have for every patient and parent. After reading Sophia’s Angels, you will never forget compassion. You will become the “Walking Angel” in medical clothing.

As a parent, after reading Sophia’s Angels you will not just sit and accept what is happening and feel alone. You will be aware of similar situations and guided in your own path of healing. Ask questions…..Ask a lot of questions and if you still do not have your answer, then ask some more questions. Sophia’s Angels are here to guide you.

Also, if your child becomes an Angel, it is our hope that after reading our story, you will be reminded that our children are beautiful Angels in heaven, hugging us, loving us, guiding us and watching us with love. There is no time in heaven and we have the right as parents to experience their love until we too are in heaven. It is our responsibility to live on when they are gone.

A Lay Mom’s Guide to Healing Workbook

We educate parents with hands on tools to help their child feel as good as love can provide. Informing parents of methods to help comfort their children, changing a scary time of side effects from chronic illness treatment into healing and bonding time. This helps parent not feel helpless in a time where most parents indeed do.

Written as a tool to assist the caretaker to treat the symptoms associated with the therapies used to treat cancer. We teach simple techniques using Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Acupressure, Visualization. Information is provided on the body’s beautiful ability to heal while dealing with fevers, pain and anxiety – encouraging the parent/caretaker to participate in relieving the symptoms associated with chemotherapy.  Most children, once in the hospital, can be in for one day, one week or months at a time. Our workbook provides instructions on how to communicate with doctors and alleviate the fear a parent/caretaker may experience when advocating and making life choices for their child.  Sophia was a special individual with a learning disability so I found a way to communicate with her simple, smart way of understanding. I have tried to convey the information in this workbook in the same manner. Everything I could think of that I thought a parent should know – including storytelling and valuable resources to understand what is happening with cancer & blood disease, are packed into the workbook. THE VISUAL AIDS ARE WONDERFUL.

I wrote because I knew her story was more. I wrote as we experienced and Sophia read much of it. I used to catch her reading when I wasn’t looking… She would smile at me. Sophia was simple, and I just had to remind her of her beauty & Love her through it. WE HAVE GREAT REVIEWS !!! Ask Vivian for references.

Can You Feel the Love?

You Are Not Alone!

Finally, I hope after you read Sophia’s Angels, you too will believe that Angels do exist. Sophia is one of them. Hope…Love…Compassion…Respect…Integrity and Faith.

It is all about love!

Vivian Hartman, Sophia’s Momma, C.E.O. of Sophia’s Angels

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” Reviews

I am not an emotional person by nature or by training, but I do recognize the critical nature of psychology in the process of dealing with serious disease and your approach is openly emotional heartfelt and should distress people how to understand emotional reactions to devastating news.

– Karl Nielson, Chief Neurosurgeon, M.D. F.A.C.S.

I recommend this book to institutions for use with pediatric oncology patients and families and its ability for application to countless other patient populations, a resource unequalled in my 23 years experience.

– Diane Batham, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology RN, MSN, PHN, Pediatric Sickle Cell Nurse Educator, Regional Hemoglobinopathy, Kaiser Permanente Southern, California

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” Reviews

Like Sophia’s life, this book is meant to inspire hope during such a seemingly hopeless situation. The beauty of Sophia and Vivian’s book is that it empowers family members to provide complementary care. Massages and aromatherapy can augment the medical care provided, while involving the family in caring for a loved one. This type of holistic care is great for patient’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

– Fernando R. Cifuentes, Emergency Hospital Nurse

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” Reviews

Today we see Sophia’s Angels around us everywhere manifested in many forms and people. Thank you, Vivian Hartman, for your encouragement and guidance. Your parent’s guide is a breath of fresh air.

– Alonso R. Arrellano, Medical Physicist, Kaiser Permanente

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” Reviews

Vivian’s stories have been featured on major television networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS to share her messages of people of all ages. As Vivian says, “Feelings are healings.” No matter who or where you are in life, she will find a way to help and love you through it.

– CNN Reporter

“Sophia’s Angels” and “A Lay Mother’s Guide for Healing” Reviews

Sophia’s Angels, describes what happened when tragedy struck: the potentially fatal illness of her daughter, Sophia. The reader travels through the day to day events as time progresses, and furthermore, meets family and friends, as well as the medical staff involved. Additionally, the family’s hopes and dreams are explored as they change through Sophia’s growth and development. Vivian relates some of the horrors that occurred, from the first symptoms, through diagnosis and treatment, including hospital rules and regulations, and how financial setbacks affected Sophia. Sophia’s amazing character is evident throughout. Vivian leads the reading audience through every step, and it allows the reader to feel the Hartman family’s emotions. I am so honored to have been able to read Vivian’s work before publishing.

– Sherry Felice Lincoln, Author, Advocate, Child leukemia awareness – Angel Daughter, Allison Elaine Lincoln

About Vivian Hartman

Entrepreneur, Teacher, Mentor, Mother, Angel, Healer, Speaker

There is simply no one like her on the planet. Everyone, including you, should know who she is, and what she stands for. Mrs. Vivian Hartman is truly an all-around wonderful superwoman of our time who will inspire you with the power of her words, the greatness of her heart, and her ability to help heal with love.

As a full-time mother, business owner and everything else in between, Vivian always makes time to share knowledge and wisdom to help others around her. She spreads information and education with a smile and laughter at home, in the community, and to the leaders of our nation.

Those who have the honor to meet and learn from her will gain so much about the love of life for others. Vivian’s own profound experiences with her angel daughter Sophia will touch you and hopefully inspire you as it already has to people around the world.

Vivian’s stories have been featured on major television networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS to share her messages to viewers of all ages. As Vivian says herself, “Feelings are healings.” No matter who or where you are in life, she will find a way to help and love you through it.

We must thank angels like Vivian and Sophia who truly make the world a better place for their positive contributions to humanity. With Vivian’s continuous efforts, we can find the tools, help and answers to our own personal growth as human beings to appreciate all of life around us.