About Us

How We Started –

Sophia Hartman’s
Love of Life for others.

We are a staff of Love for Knowledge.

Sophia’s will for life, her joy and smile inspired me to see life with a different eye… An eye of life, even when heaven was a possibility.

Our information is to inspire you and yours. There are no right or wrong decisions with moment to moment situations. Sometimes, all we are able to do is love them through it. Play music. Research for the answers to the questions you seek. Use our site for just that. Your child’s will for life is beautiful.

Sophia lived life to the fullest until she went to heaven. She is our Angel. Smile & Live with your eyes wide open.

Our ongoing information is to inspire you to look up everything you are curious about. Learn about refelxology, massage, visualization. Stand strong with the doctors and ask questions. Take notes. Empower yourself with information. Use the free game site when boared. Hospital living is tough. Look for ways to fill the time with joy. We encourage you to enjoy the moment. You participate by just being yourself. Cancer is cancer no matter what kind. The same ailments present themself with cancer treatment, like nausea, vomiting, headaches, pain, etc. You are not alone, and when you have a moment, we inspire you to research. Knowledge is powerful because you will understand more than you did before you looked it up. You are smart. You know your child better than anyone else. You are their advocate for love. Stand Strong, and smile.
We are located in the City of Sylmar, California. We can network all over the world by mail, e-mail and if you are close by… we can meet.

We give group seminars on Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy at request. We are open with information as we get it… Knowledge is Power.

Vivian can Blend Oils as requested… especially the oils that helped Sophia get through the hardships of cancer and her medications. It is with love that they are blended… honored with Sophia’s original oils.

If you would like to donate gift FOOD CARDS…. Wow … You can mail them to us and we will give them out as needed on request.

You are an important part of life for others. You are making a difference just by being you. Thank you

Our Programs are based on our experience
Your child’s journey is happening… Give it a boost of greatness. Remember who you are… Strong, Smart, Curious for information and Calm with Love.

Breathe… Breathe… Breathe…
Momma and Daddy
Take a breath
It will be alright
It is what it is and that is that.
Love your Child
Healthy with Mind,
Healthy with Body
Calm in Spirit
Full of Hope,
Life and
to just

It is through Love that we work… Follow your intuition and heart… Listen to your doctors and ask a lot of questions, even if you feel that you are bothering them… So What! It is through love that you ask… It is with respect that they will answer.

We are here to encourage hope. You are never alone, even when you are the saddest that you can ever imagine. Compassion is our gift. Knowledge is what we hope to inspire. Fun is what we have for life. Live Big, even when you feel life is hanging….. Live Big with your child and family.

REMEMBER DADDY AND MOMMA… Your face is a mirror… Smile with faith that you can Love with the clearest of clear unconditional full complete Love.

About Vivian Hartman

Entrepreneur, Teacher, Mentor, Mother, Angel, Healer, Speaker

There is simply no one like her on the planet. Everyone, including you, should know who she is, and what she stands for. Mrs. Vivian Hartman is truly an all-around wonderful superwoman of our time who will inspire you with the power of her words, the greatness of her heart, and her ability to help heal with love.

As a full-time mother, business owner and everything else in between, Vivian always makes time to share knowledge and wisdom to help others around her. She spreads information and education with a smile and laughter at home, in the community, and to the leaders of our nation.

Those who have the honor to meet and learn from her will gain so much about the love of life for others. Vivian’s own profound experiences with her angel daughter Sophia will touch you and hopefully inspire you as it already has to people around the world.

Vivian’s stories have been featured on major television networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS to share her messages to viewers of all ages. As Vivian says herself, “Feelings are healings.” No matter who or where you are in life, she will find a way to help and love you through it.

We must thank angels like Vivian and Sophia who truly make the world a better place for their positive contributions to humanity. With Vivian’s continuous efforts, we can find the tools, help and answers to our own personal growth as human beings to appreciate all of life around us.