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Governor Newsom Signs AB 847 “Sophia’s Act” Assuring Terminally Ill Children Health Coverage No Matter a Family’s Income

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Empower parents to participate in the care of their child using simple techniques to relieve the symptoms associated with cancer treatment & therapies.

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Mission Statement:

Sophia’s Angels® empowers parents in the care of their child by teaching simple love tools such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, visualization and story telling. These techniques helped Sophia for fevers, and other issues that are affected by chemotherapy and long term hospital stays. Parents are inspired to work with the doctors and their child… instead of just sitting, watching and waiting. “Love them hopeful.”

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A. Empower parents to participate in the care of their child using simple techniques to relieve the symptoms associated with cancer treatment & therapies.

B. Teach Parents simple techniques of advocating for their child’s care with doctors and nurses.

C. Encourage fun living, during hospital stays – including parent/caretaker respite and self-care.

D. Promote Bone Marrow Awareness and the ease of testing for a match.

E. Amend law that leaves a child uninsured for two days to one week when a family loses their private insurance. In September 2017, Sophia’s Angels introduced “Code Life” to the California Children’s Services – an amendment to the law to keep a child insured with the same coverage until new insurance is found. We continue to pursue closing this gap.

F. Outside food gift cards (Grocery & Restaurant Gift Cards) to keep the child eating.


Sophia Hartman
Based on our experience with our 12 year old daughter Sophia Hartman who lived with Refractory Leukemia. Once a child is in placed in the hosptial setting for an sudden onset illness such as cancer, they may be in for a day, week, month or months at a time because… ” A child has to be fit for life, before they are able to leave home.” Parents and/or caretakers are now sudenlly living in the hospital long term, caring for their child.

With our encouragement you will love your child through the painfulness of what they are suffering – Helping you & your loved one see and enjoy the moments of life with a different eye.


Everyday while dealing with cancer there are many things to worry about like fever, eating, pooping, energy to smile and hope. Every little thing to live, Sophia did with hope. She felt that if she took her medicine she would feel better. If she ate he food, even if she vomited, something would remain in her belly and keep her strong. Every little thing added to a bigger complete healing. It is a something-something. Sophia wrote this affirrmation on her door at the hospital for all to read. Here is her prayer:

We Can Stand In Your Place and Empower You With Love

Our information is to empower you with knowledge and to encourage your joy for life with your loved one as they heal. Sophia lived life ! She wanted us to share what we learned because it helped her. ” We are holding your hand. You are not alone.”

-Vivian Hartman, Sophia’s Momma


Today I am healed from from the ailement of this day

Until I have a great day

Then I have a great week

Then I have a great month

Then a great year

And then Finally a Great Life!

-Sophia Hartman

April 11,1993 – October 14, 2005


Sophia’s Angels has partnered with the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando, Cudahy, Bell and San Gabriel to proclaim a specific month as “Bone Marrow Awareness Month” – during which we’ll work together to educate our communities about the life-saving gift of bone marrow donation.
Los Angeles Bone Marrow Awareness Resolution
Santa Monica Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
San Fernando Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
Pico Rivera Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
San Gabriel Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
Cudahy Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
Bell Bone Marrow Awareness Proclamation
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Providing services for healing the body’s spirit, namely, providing of information on massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and visualization.

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